Insect heat treatment DEBUGGER

Equipment for insect heat treatment at mills, bakeries, hotels

Natural pest control

Companies that process and sell foodstuffs require regular and systematic monitoring for pests and consistent control, if necessary. A technically suitable, natural pest control method has proven itself effective for this: Heat treatment with a DEBUGGER from FrigorTec.

Advantages of FrigorTec DEBUGGER

Our devices combine effective heating and fan power and are characterized by the following features:

  • Natural pest control without chemicals
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • ATEX-approval (optional)
  • Temperature regulator and safety temperature limiter
  • Easy operation
  • Simplified movement and set-up through chassis with swivel feature (optional)
  • High-performance fans for a good trajectory
  • Air deflector blades for good flow control
  • Transport holder with quick lock

Our products

Also ideally suited for debugging mattresses and upholstery


The DEBUGGER DB09 is designed for smaller spaces such as hotel rooms. The device is an intelligent, compact solution consisting of a heating device and fan, and is easy to transport due to its low weight.

Unit for thermal pest control with a large range


The DEBUGGER DB18 is especially designed for larger spaces. The device's high fan and heating power and low surface temperatures are impressive, as is its characteristic long range.

Reducing energy consumption during pest control


The SCRAMBLER SC 6000 is the optimal supplement for heat treatment with a DEBUGGER DB18. It sucks in warm air under the ceiling and distributes this on the ground. In this way, the warmer air trapped under the ceiling is used, and energy consumption considerably reduced.

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For many years, we have been producing DEBUGGER devices for effective heat treatment. This has given us extensive expertise in all aspects of pest control. We would be delighted to use this know-how to help you with your challenges in this field.

Insect heat treatment in food processing

Performing heat treatment while protecting material

Hours of exposure to heat reliably kills storage and food pests, but also puts a strain on the rooms being treated. If performed correctly, however, heat treatment is possible without any damage to the building. Preparing the room also ensures that the entire pest population is killed off without damaging any objects.

Insect heat treatment for removing bed bugs from hotel mattresses

Keeping a watch-out for bedbugs so that your guests will not need to

In tourist accommodation such as hotels, youth hostels, or holiday homes, pests come and go with the guests too. In particular, bedbugs spread quickly in such places, and annoy guests in the long term. Using thermal pest control to treat a room is suitable for hotels, as it does not use insecticides and guests in other rooms are not disturbed.

Pest control method against flour moths

Ensuring food hygiene without insecticides

Food-processing factories have to meet the highest hygiene requirements, but are also an ideal habitat for storage pests. An infestation can have serious consequences for companies, up to and including the closure of operations. Heat treatment is particularly suitable for the food-processing industry, bakeries and mills, as it is a chemical- and residue-free process. Hotels also use heat treatment to combat bedbugs.

Heat treatment unit for removing pests

Deadly for pests, harmless to humans and the environment

While pests in private households are often only seen as a nuisance, an infestation can have serious consequences for companies. Sectors such as the food-processing industry, mills, bakeries and the hotel industry therefore rely on effective control measures. Heat treatment is a form of ecological pest control that does not use insecticides and makes use of biological protein coagulation.



at quality control


Ecological heat treatment in warehouse


Ecological heat treatment in warehouse