The GRANIFRIGOR™ Europe range of grain cooling units are performance- and energy consumption-optimised for the temperature and humidity of European temperate conditions.

Fields of application

  • Reliable grain cooling in temperate climates (rain, fog, heat and cold) - assured control of air humidity due to HYGROMAT™ automatic
  • Complete suitability and reliable operation even at high ambient temperatures due to safe refrigerants
  • Standard medium pressure version - ideal for tower silos too
Refrigerar cereales correctamente

Product overview

Conservar cereales


  • Storage size 1.300 t
  • Cools 30-60 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 1,300 tons in 3 weeks
Cereales sin micotoxinas


  • Storage size 1.300 t
  • Cools 30-60 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 1,300 tons in 3 weeks
Cereales conservados


  • Storage size 4.600 t
  • Cools 140-220 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 4,600 tons in 3 weeks
Refrigerar cereales correctamente


  • Storage size 5.800 t
  • Cools 170-280 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 5,800 tons in 3 weeks
La mejor calidad de cereal


  • Storage size 8.200 t
  • Cools 220-390 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 8,200 tons in 3 weeks
Refrigeradores de cereal para la cosecha de cereales en Europa


  • Storage size 10.000 t
  • Cools 310-520 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 10,000 tons in 3 weeks
Airear el cereal para obtener un cereal de alta calidad


  • Storage size 16.000 t
  • Cools 460-750 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 16,000 tons in 3 weeks
Almacenar cereales correctamente


  • Storage size 25.000 t
  • Cools 700-1200 tons in 24 hours
  • Up to 25,000 tons in 3 weeks


Conservar cereales

GC 40 Europe

Cereales sin micotoxinas

GC 80 Europe

Cereales conservados

GC 140 Europe

Refrigerar cereales correctamente

GC 180 Europe

La mejor calidad de cereal

GC 240 Europe

Refrigeradores de cereal para la cosecha de cereales en Europa

GC 320 Europe

Airear el cereal para obtener un cereal de alta calidad

GC 500 Europe

Almacenar cereales correctamente

GC 700 Europe

Storage size upto1.300 t2.500 t4.600 t5.800 t8.200 t10.000 t16.000 t25.000 t
Cooling performance in 24 hours30 - 60 t/Day55 - 120 t/Day140 - 220 t/Day170 - 280 t/Day220 - 390 t/Day310 - 520 t/Day460 - 750 t/Day500-1200 t/Day
Refrigerating capacity compressor10 kW20 kW32 kW43 kW63 kW82 kW125 kW175 kW
Volume flow2.400 m 3/h4.600 m 3/h7.700 m 3/h10.800 m 3/h12.500 m 3/h18.000 m 3/h25.000 m 3/h26.000 m 3/h
Pressure maximum3.200 Pa3.400 Pa4.700 Pa6.000 / 8.000 Pa6.000 / 8.000 Pa6.000 / 8.000 Pa6.000 Pa6000 Pa
Output (average)4,2 kW9 kW16 kW19 kW28 kW34 kW65 kW71 kW
Max. current consumption18 A32 A56 A63 A96 A120 A203 A285 A
Electrical connection32 A32 A63 A63 A100 A125 A250 A300 A
∅ Connections cold air hose300 mm300 mm300 mm400 mm400 mm600 mm600 mm600 mm
Condensation water runoff average6 l/h15 l/h20 l/h30 l/h35 l/h45 - 65 l/h65 - 100 l/h100-150 l/h
∅ Condensation water runoff hose3/4 Zoll3/4 Zoll3/4 Zoll3/4 Zoll3/4 Zoll3/4 Zoll3/4 Zoll3/4 Zoll
With Tyres3.450 x 1.350 x 1.750 mm3.570 x 1.320 x 1.880 mm3.620 x 1.330 x 2.265 mm3.800 x 1.650 x 2.280 mm3.300 x 1.550 x 2.450 mm3.710 x 1.810 x 2.550 mm3.950 x 2.130 x 2.900 mm4480 x 2130 x 2900 mm
With swivelling casters2.050 x 950 x 1.570 mm2.230 x 990 x 1.695 mm2.520 x 1.130 x 2.085 mm2.680 x 1.320 x 2.150 mm2.950 x 1.550 x 2.250 mm3.370 x 1.810 x 2.410 mm3.740 x 2.130 x 2.690 mm4200 x 3130 x 2690 mm
With Tyres600 kg700 kg950 kg1.150 kg1.650 kg2.000 kg3.000 kg3950 kg
With swivelling casters550 kg650 kg850 kg1.060 kg1.500 kg1.900 kg2.750 kg3700 kg

Product description

Handling and operation

  • Quiet normal running due to frequency-controlled fans and sound-optimised compressors
  • Different operating modes through fully automatic Siemens S7 controller: very quiet (whisper operation - often needs to be run at night), rapid cooling (booster operation), ventilation operation (only air) and normal operation
  • Efficient, large-area filter with integrated filter monitoring
  • Increased safety through counter pressure display
  • Optimal control through viewing window in air cooler
  • Effective device protection through integrated phase and undervoltage monitoring
  • Reliable start even at low outside temperatures due to speed-controlled condenser fans
  • Easy and thorough cleaning due to easy accessibility e.g. by heat exchangers with wide fin spacing, housing doors, manholes and inspection openings in the air duct

Energy and environmental balance

  • Economical solution due to low power consumption
  • Energy-efficient design due to frequency controls and state-of-the-art motors
  • Environment friendly safety refrigerant - without CFCs and without HCFCs
  • Further energy savings through winter and summer thermostats
  • Permanent compliance and monitoring of setpoint cooling air humidity and temperature with HYGROTHERM™
  • Standard sound insulation for GC 180-GC 500

Workmanship and quality

  • Standard HYGROTHERM™ heating coil
  • Electrical heating coil as standard
  • Robust construction with stainless steel condensate tray
  • Corrosion protection through coated heat exchangers
  • Chassis fitted with robust pneumatic tyres for increased puncture protection with GC 40 - GC 180, optionally swivel castors
  • Extra secure chassis equipment with puncture-proof solid rubber tyres for GC 240 - GC 500, optionally swivel castors
  • Multi-stage quality control with factory test run
  • Easy maintenance due to large, fully panelled doors
  • Robust industrial design
  • Depending on design, large TÜV-tested refrigerant collector and subcooler
  • CE-compliant designs


  • High pressure blower (HP) for slimline silo cells
  • Protective grille against animals
  • Parking supports
  • Forklift pockets for easy device transport using a forklift
  • Alarm modem (notification by SMS/email) for permanent monitoring
  • Modem for remote diagnosis/remote display (app, LAN, WiFi/WLAN, GSM)
  • Sound-proof cabin for -15 to -20 dB(A)
  • Additional heating for seeds and/or brewer's malt
  • Rotary field monitoring for effective device protection
  • Signalling light for convenient remote device monitoring
  • Fully automatic cool stop function
  • FrigorTec app


With over 55 years of experience in grain cooling, we have acquired extensive specialist knowledge in all areas. We look forward to bringing this know-how to bear on your grain storage challenges.

Tecnología y función de un refrigerador de cereal

How grain coolers work

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The best cooling strategy for your grain storage method

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How you protect your grain from fungi and pests

Grain cooling units are economical

Economical introduction and operation of grain cooling

Installing, configuring, and operating a grain cooling unit

Commissioning and maintenance of grain cooling devices

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Combining grain coolers for a flexible solution

For conserving grain independent of the weather

Safe storage conditions no matter the weather

Advantages with FrigorTec grain cooling units

FrigorTec grain cooling units are based on a sophisticated modular system and offer the following features:

  • Fully automatic Siemens S7 controller
  • Remote-controlled operation via FrigorTec app
  • Rigid, welded frame construction
  • Partially soundproofed housing UV-resistant external cable
  • Eyelets for lashing on every housing corner
  • Pressure-stable cooling air high pressure fans
  • Filters for the cooling air supplied to the grain
  • Compressors, for example from Bitzer/Germany
  • Multi-coated steel parts
  • All FrigorTec grain coolers are "Made in Germany" and complete a factory test run before delivery.

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